Dressing Yourself for Success

You can never be overdressed or over educated - Oscar Wilde

Do you have an interview coming up? Are you starting a new job? You’ve probably done a lot of work just to get to the interview. You’ve revised your resume, you’ve applied for jobs, and you’ve spent time finding the right job for you. You feel nervous but excited about the new opportunity.

But how are you going to be able to dress well for interview attire? You’ve always heard people say “dress for the job you want, not the one you have,” but the only clothes you have are a worn pair of jeans and some t-shirts. You’ll need to get some more professional clothes than that. And what about when you’re hired? How will you afford professional attire when you can’t even afford interview clothing? You know you’re going to ace the interview—you’ve studied hard and are ready for their questions—but what about afterwards? Why does it feel like there are so many roadblocks between you and your dreams?

Thank goodness, folks at the SCDSS Independent Living (IL) program can help you access several opportunities to help you on your career journey. If you qualify, IL job preparation and training services will help you cover these costs. With the help of your caseworker or the IL staff, you can focus on earning more money and building your careers. Some examples of assistance for job preparation include:

But that’s not all. The IL Program also offers assistance with job skills training classes, child care, transportation and more!
In addition to help with job preparation, assistance is available for daily life skills, transportation services, educational services, and more. The IL handbook Pathways to Success is a useful guide for your success. You can download a free copy of Pathways to Success here.

Remember these awards are not “handouts” or “free money,” but they are investments towards your future.
If you have any questions about IL opportunities or to see if you qualify to receive IL Services, call your caseworker. And all the best with that interview or new job you’re about to start!

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