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SC NYTD Youth Voice: In Our Own Words

Check out SC NYTD Youth Voice’s Independent Living Podcast!

Do you need practical and reliable independent living advice from young adults with experience in foster care? Do you want a quick and easy way to find out what the youth who took the NYTD survey had to say about their transition?

Wouldn’t it be nice if getting this information were as easy as streaming a short video over the internet? Thanks to the dedicated members of SC NYTD Youth Voice, now it is!

As a part of the exciting In Our Own Words project, members of SC NYTD Youth Voice have created a series of short podcasts on these important independent living topics:

To make these podcasts meaningful as well as informative, these young adults provide this information through sharing their own personal transition experiences.

You do not have to be alone as you transition out of care. Stay informed and connected! Click on the topics above to watch the In Our Own Words podcasts!

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