SCDSS Children and Youth in Foster Care Bill of Rights

I have the right to:

  • Be treated as a normal and important human being.
  • Be cared for with love and affection.
  • Be provided adequate food, shelter and clothing.
  • Be heard and involved with the decisions of my life.
  • Be informed about and have involvement with my birth family and siblings, including the right to reject visits or contacts.
  • Complete information and direct answers to my questions about choices, services and decisions.
  • Reasonable access to my caseworker or a person in the agency who can make decisions on my behalf.
  • Express my opinion and have it treated respectfully.
  • Request the support and services that I need.
  • Individualized care and attention based on my unique skills and goals.
  • Ongoing contact with significant people in my life such as teachers, friends, my personal supports and relatives.
  • Access to my case record to help me meet my goals.
  • Personal property, personal space and my privacy.
  • Be notified of changes that affect my permanence, safety, stability or wellbeing.
  • Practice my own religion.
  • Know what is expected of me in my foster placement.
  • Be cared for without regard to race, sex, religion and disability.
  • Caretakers who are interested in me and will support my involvement in social and school activities.
  • Have goals.
  • A plan for my future and the support I need to accomplish it.

You may also download a PDF version of:

The SCDSS Children and Youth in Foster Care Bill of Rights

Written by GOALL (Go Out And Learn Life), the Youth Advisory Council created to help the Department of Social Services improve its independent living programs.

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