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Do you want to make a difference and use your experience to improve the lives of youth in foster care? If so, then we need you! Serving as a member of Go Out and Learn Life (GOALL) is an exciting opportunity to develop your leadership skills and serve as an advocate for yourself and other youth. Additionally, members of GOALL get to attend a leadership camp, attend monthly meetings, get to present at conferences about GOALL’s achievements—speaking of which . . .

GOALL dazzled at this year’s Palmetto Association for Children and Families (PAFCAF) conference in Myrtle Beach. The theme this year was “MISSION: POSSIBLE” and GOALL’s presentation “Wizard of Odds: Helping Youth along Their Yellow Brick Road” provided an excellent example of how youth can make a difference in the lives of other youth in foster care by sharing their perspectives and experiences with adult audiences.

GOALL facilitator Tessa Adams was impressed with the youth’s performance at PAFCAF. She says, “GOALL’s presentation gave us an opportunity to demonstrate why the youth boards are so important for youth in transition.”

After the presentation, Tessa addressed the audience, saying: “One struggle I had working with youth was making them recognize how much of an impact they have on my life. If any of you have been impacted by what they said today please stand up.” Everyone in attendance stood up and applauded enthusiastically. It was a powerful moment that gave GOALL members an opportunity to see how their committed efforts impact adults who work with youth in foster care.

Wow. What a powerful message! You can apply to join GOALL by downloading this membership application. But do it quickly—the application deadline is March 30th. If you have questions about GOALL, please feel free to contact Tessa Adams, GOALL facilitator, at or at (803) 777-5225.

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