The Transformational Power of Light

We experience light every day. It comes from the sun, the stars, streetlamps, computer screens, car headlights, our homes, and the list goes on and on. Light tells us that things are open and ready for us to come. For example, when a supermarket is open, there is light in the aisles. When the television is turned on, a little light glows to let us know it is working. When the elevator arrives at your floor, a light comes on to let us know it is ready for passengers.

This works for the people in our lives, too. Our conversation, our guidance, and our excitement helps us be light in our loved ones lives. We are like lighthouses—beacons that keep our loved ones safe.

But light can come from the things we fill our lives with—if you enjoy a hobby or pastime, then that is a kind of light, too. Spending time doing the things we love helps us remember who we are and can guide us towards the choices that are best for us. 

Ask yourself this question: What or who is your inner light? Who or what helps you remember that you are “shining”? And what do you need to do to keep yourself “shining”? Maybe you enjoy helping others, or maybe you enjoy writing in your journal. Remember: the people or things that give us happiness are the things that keep us “shining”.

This holiday season, whatever your beliefs and circumstances, remember that improving your outlook can sometimes be as simple—and as transformational—as being the light in someone’s life.

Thanks for keeping us “shining” y’all!

Happy Holidays from the SC NYTD Team!

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