Future Youth Independence (F.Y.I.)

“Our Future is Everything”

Hi! We’re Future Youth Independence! We are an incredible group that talks about lots of important life topics: careers, life skills, education, college, financial aid, ways to improve DSS, our future plans and goals, transitions, independent living skills, education, college, planning and meeting goals for yourself, budgeting funds, succeeding independently, furthering our education, family, relationships, finding a place to live, acting your age, learning how to drive a car, learning how to save money, how to better ourselves in the future, respect, hygiene, positive attitudes, what we like and what we don’t like about our group homes, how to contact caseworkers, and life after foster care. As you can see, we talk about lots of things that are important to us and, hopefully, to you too! Some of the great things about our group are the speakers that come to talk with us, every voice in the group is heard, people like us, there is a $$$ reward, we learn independent living skills, we are diversified, we get along with each other, we talk about stuff that helps us in the future, we accept and understand one another, we acknowledge that no one is better than anyone else, we try our hardest, we talk about things that you sometimes can’t talk about with your foster parents and homes, we get answers to most of the questions we have, we get to eat, people are relaxed and calm, we all come together in the time of need, we all have a family bond, we all talk and participate, we learn our rights, and we feel welcome and feel that we belong. Some of the things that help our group to function well include participation, good leaders, fun activities, listening to others, communication, available resources, setting short-term and long-term goals, our personalities, behavior and respect, we speak our minds, we understand each other’s situations, we are polite, courteous, and hard-working, we are there for each other, we stay on topic, we have integrity, we socialize, interact, and relate to one another. Everyone has something in common to relate to and talk about. Being part of Future Youth Independence allows you to meet new people…and this is something we look forward to! If you are a youth in care between the ages of 13-21, come out and join us! There’s a lot to learn, share, and, most importantly, you’ll make friends who care about you and who you are!

Meeting Day: 2nd Saturday of each month
Meeting Time: 10:00am-1:00pm
Meeting Location: Simpsonville First Baptist Church in Simpsonville, SC
Contact Person: Tiffany Marcus, DSS
Contact Email: tiffany.marcus@dss.sc.gov
Contact Number: (864) 467-7710
Facilitator: Dr. David Barnes
Facilitator Email: dbarnes1192@gmail.com

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